‚ÄčTwo Options

This page is still under construction!  Please check back soon for information on how we can help you with setting up, teaching and evaluating progress.

  • Teach an individual subject that you are not comfortable teaching or need additional help with
  • Assist in teaching all school subjects using your curriculum 
    • We can also specially design curriculum for your student!

Spider Webb Educational Services develops curriculum for students using State Approved Standards and Common Sense

Available in all 50 states!

Spider Webb Educational Services

Spider Webb can assist in home schooling in a couple of ways...


Already home schooling?

At Spider Webb, we can assist the Home School Parent-Teacher with a range of services including...

  • Problem Solve
    • For example, we can help the student approach problems a different way than traditionally taught
  • Advise
  • Provide Supplemental Materials
  • Provide Testing/Evaluations


Are brick and mortar schools just not working, but you don't know where to start? Do you think home schooling may be the right option for your student? Spider Webb Educational Services is here to help!