Welcome, Parents and Educators!

SpiderWebb Education Services is here to help with any educational needs you have.  SpiderWebb is owned and operated by Barbara Webb, an Education Specialist with more than 30 years of experience. We offer individualized tutoring, home-school consulting, and continuing education workshops for early childhood teachers.  In addition, we will come and speak to your parent and/or teacher group to address the specific needs or interests.

We only accept a limited number of students at a time for individual tutoring.  We assess needs and create specialized curriculum to meet your child's individual learning style and needs. 

If you are home-schooling, we can help you with set up, planning, ideas, and what to do if your child doesn't understand a topic you are teaching.  In addition, we can come in and either teach a subject or supplement what you are doing. This can be done in person or online.

Our teacher workshops are fun and informative, giving teachers new ideas to put into practice the very next day!


SpiderWebb is here to help you help the children you love!

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SpiderWebb Educational Services is helping in the fight to end Alzheimer's Disease! We will be doing the walk again this year, so watch for updates!

You may be wondering that very question. Why chose this service over a tutoring service that is a lot larger in size? The answer is simple... Barbara Webb. You won't find someone else who gives the amount of individualized, targeted services that she does. 

Every student is different and every learning style is unique. Barbara has the experience teaching in order to be able to accurately and - more importantly - effectively understand the key problem areas for the student and creates the curriculum around them. This doesn't simply mean teaching the student only where they are struggling. It also means giving assistance to the other stressors that school creates through the tutoring service. 

Is forgetting to turn in assignments a problem for your student? Barbara provides assistance with that. How about forgetting to do them in the first place? Barbara provides assitance with that. Did you know that there are ways to help with these problems besides the simple, "get a planner!" fix? Barbara does. She also understands that every student varies in what they are struggling with - everyone has a battle they are raging inside. The individualized attention that SpiderWebb gives to the student provides the relief they need from the stress to be able to feel like a kid again.

SpiderWebb is here to help you help the children you love!

Why SpiderWebb? What makes SpiderWebb different?

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