Spider Webb Educational Services

Payment Options

*Please note, if you try to pay through Paypal with your credit/debit card, it will charge you a fee. However, if you connect a bank account to your Paypal, you can send money from there without a fee

What? Not credit cards?? What's up with that??

Spider Webb currently does not accept credit cards in order to keep costs lower for the clients

Need Help with Paypal?

Follow the instructions below for easy payment through Paypal

At Spider Webb, we accept the following forms of payment: Check, Cash, and Paypal

  1. You must first possess a Paypal account
  2. Login and head to the home page
  3. Click the "Send or request money" button at the top of the screen
  4. Click "Send Money"
  5. Enter Spiderwebb.education@gmail.com as the recipient
  6. Enter the amount due
  7. Make sure that the money is being sent "to a friend" and not "Paying for an item or service"
  8. Click continue and choose how you want to pay*