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Professional Development Course Selections

Lively Literature for Little Ones, part 1:
This will be a fun, fast romp through children’s literature.  The time to start teaching children to love reading is BEFORE they learn to read. This class will give you the foundation to make literature and books a significant part of your curriculum or to enhance what you are already doing so that your children develop a love of books.

Lively Literature for Little Ones part 2:
This course continues the fun in literature by adding more age-appropriate activities including crafts, cooking and writing based on favorite books. 

Little Authors
All kids, even your littlest ones, will be excited to be published authors.  This workshop will show you how to make it happen, including materials, types of books, what to write about, and how to make sure every child is invested in his writing.

Cultural Awareness
Cultural Awareness is intended to make people more understanding, but instead it often causes hurt feelings and frustrations.  This workshop will give you practical ideas to be culturally aware without the hurts and challenges, while making it simply a part of the everyday climate in your school.  You’ll leave with practical ideas and some fun activities.

Beyond Time-Out: Classroom Management That Works (really!!)
Even the best teachers sometimes have those days or those groups of kids who challenge us and make mush of all we thought we knew. This session will give you practical ideas to feel in control of your classroom, and bring joy back to your days.

Common Core That Isn’t Common
Is Common Core good or bad? Can you make use of it while still keeping your favorite activities and teaching methods? How do you present this to parents who are completely opposed to it. This session will allow you to tame the beast that is common core, use it, and not let it use you.