SpiderWebb Educational Services

Current Tutoring Options and Rates

Please note: Options 4 and 5 require the curriculum fee to be paid by July 27. Spots are NOT guaranteed until the first week's tuition is paid.

* Regular tutoring rate does not change
** There is only 1 spot remaining for a fully home-schooled student.

OptionsDescription/Title# of Sessions per week SessionLengthCostDetails/Notes
1Regular Tutoring1-255 min.Regular Tutoring Rate*Regular tutoring for 1-2 subjects focused on the student's needs.
2Help with School2-355 min. or 90 min.Regular Tutoring Rate*
This would be regular tutoring, but we would specifically work on assignments given by the school, or work on subjects that are a challenge.
3School Supplement1, 2, or 390 min. + optional homework$53, $100, or $150 per weekThis curriculum would supplement and compliment what the student is working on in school.
4Home School Supplement to Modified School Schedule2 or 390-120 min. + optional homework$100-$180 per week + $50 annual curriculum feeThis will cover math, reading and writing based on the student’s needs, not on the school’s curriculum and is particularly for students who will go to traditional school 2-3 days a week, but need more intense instruction. 
5Fully Home-Schooled**33 hours plus homework$600 per month + $100 annual curriculum feeThis covers all subjects, meets state standards for instruction,  and includes a complete report to the school district at the end of the year to complete all requirements for home schooling.